Friday update - I've been attending a number of meetings and get-to-know get togethers so that I can get a wide view of the issues we face.


I've had a chance to think about and submit bills, which are then researched and rewwritent by The Revisor's Office, sure to be good friends.


So far, I've submitted bills related to education and transportatnion safety. These are two immediate concerns. I'm not entirely sure why, so help me out, we test students every single year.  It feels as if the test results, which I read, arrive to late in the next year for them to be much good to the teacher - somehow the context is all lost in the translation. I'm stuck wondering how a teacher in December, having just learned all about the students in the classroom, can possibly use the test results of a year past to improve instruction. I'm not sure there is a better way, but I can see lots of work put into testing that really yields few tangible results.


And, I think a great deal about pedestrian safety.  It feels as if much of the transportation system itself is geared toward automobiles - and havine none - and depending a great deal on walking - then I'm seeing the world from a different perpsective. I think a great deal during my hike home from East Avenue to my house on Elliott Street - not many sidewalks on that route.  I will however say that of late I've noticed motorists are more willing to stop for pedestrians who stand in the crosswalk. Somehow it feels as if motorists are more attentive.


This has also been a good time to engage in reflection. Somehow that all seems important. The national scene is disconcerting.  It feels as if the promise to drain the swamp has been changed somehow - it only feels as if there is a new species of crocodile being introduced.  Somehow I feel that so many people on the new national scene represent an entirely different class of people than the ones I represent. These new folks don't worry very much about the cost of the things they buy, the places they stay, or the food they eat. They don't feel like they represent very much of the populace.

Late on Friday evening, the leadership of the House, sent out committee assignments.  They have placed me on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committe - I'm very thankful for this appointment.