2016-12-11 Update

Well, the first week is done.


One of the important activities for anyone is to keep notes and let others know what's happening.  I encorage people to read these "Week in Review" notes, and I'll do my very best to keep up with them. It's so important to have an informed and participatory set of constituents.  Even if you don't read these, at least they are here for you!


It was an intersting week, as all first weeks must be.





We all had two days of training, and each of those was packed with information. Then on Wednesday, we had the swearing in ceremony.  On Thursday, we had a presentation from the Maine Development Foundation, and a workshop on civility in government. 





The State House is a busy place. I was so impressed with everyone's kindness and concern that the freshmen  representatives have a positive first experience.  It reminded me of the first days of school - new acquaintence,s learning where things are located, and m ost importantly, geting a feel for the environment.





At the swearing in ceremony, I noted that Governor Lepage is asking legislators to examine and re-think the referendum questions for that ballot measures concernign the tax surcharge and the referendum question concerning the minimum wage.  I understand, but I want to think more. I want to see the data. I want to hear from the experts.



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